Why Southend Peers?

In our last blog we sold the virtues of networking.

There are lots of networking groups out there but here at Southend Peers we think we’re the premier group in Southend.

In the last six months alone, Peers members have generated just under £100,000 within the group through referrals and recommendations. These can be direct (eg you’re a printer and other members get you to do their business cards) or indirect (you’re a financial adviser and a member recommends you to their friend). This demonstrates the reach you can gain via networking. It may not be the other members directly, but who they know and so on.

Of course, all networking groups would sell themselves on the monetary amounts. Why is Southend Peers different?

Before writing this blog members were asked what attracted them to Peers. Some of our members were in other networking groups before joining Peers, some maintain those memberships, some have only been a member of Peers. It was of interest to see why they gravitated to Peers rather than other networking groups out there.

Here are some responses:

“Southend Peers is more than a networking group. It’s a group of people. It feels like my peers in business and in life”

“Southend Peers is not an ‘aggressive’ networking group. Other groups I’ve attended push themselves, it’s like a constant sales pitch. Peers is different, more relaxed, yet I get just as much business as I did in other groups”

“Peers is my point in the week to see people outside my profession, to catch up and enjoy a good breakfast rather than be in the office”

“Being a member of Peers has benefitted my organisation greatly but more importantly, I’ve made good friends and we’ve been a great support to each other during recent times”

“Southend Peers is so much more than referral group. It’s a group of friends.”

The group has provided me with so much value, from networking opportunities and support, to work and referrals and there’s a massive social aspect which I really value”

Common themes here:

  • It’s more relaxed – some networking groups are “sell, sell, sell” and there is an expectation that all business will go through the group. Peers is more relaxed and this pays dividends in the long run.
  • The support – 2020 has been dire… yet we continued to meet and support each other. In fact our membership increased during lockdown!
  • The social side – Peers has a much more developed social side. Informal 1-2-1s as well as regular meets outside the usual weekly Thursday morning breakfast (eg “Peers Beers”, “Peers Gears”). These aren’t compulsory, there’s no pressure to attend, but it is testament to the group that members wish to meet up beyond the business element.
  • The charity side – each year Peers selects a charity to support. Peers members organise fundraising events (eg curry nights, race nights). Not only does this raise money for local charities but adds to the social side and helps generate more networking opportunities, but in a relaxing environment.

We’ll explore the social and charitable side more in our next blog, so please keep an eye out!

So, if we’ve convinced you to network, and to try Southend Peers, why not get in touch?

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In order to allow a competition-free and referral specific environment, each member of Southend Peers represents one industry category at any given time throughout their membership. Our membership represent areas such as financial advice, proofreading, insurance, printing, dog grooming, cleaning and many more.

If you are interested in joining Southend Peers, why not come along and find out more? Please contact us to book in – it's free to visit!