The Social and Charitable Aspects of Networking

Last month, we looked at why Southend Peers was the premier networking group in the borough. Two aspects were the social and charitable sides of the group.

We explore these more this month.

The Social Side

So many of our members extolled the virtues of the social side to Peers membership. Thursday mornings are our business meet up at breakfast time to run through what we’re doing, how business is going etc. But many of our members meet outside this meeting in 1-2-1s, small groups and so on, to interact beyond the business.

Our members meet up for golf, squash, badminton and other sports.

A regular Friday night out (Peers Beers) is arranged, allowing a relaxed and friendly interaction with other members when we’re not looking for business opportunities.

Some meet up for a regular bike ride (Peers Gears) to view the scenery out of town and get some mutual exercise.

This is all “unofficial” it’s not pushed by Peers leadership, it’s not compulsory and it happens organically. It shows how our members want to spend time with each other.

The Charitable Side

Each year, Peers selects a local charity to support through fundraising. The charities in recent years have been: The Music Man, Lady McAdden and CHAPS. Over this time, Peers has raised some £5,000 for these and other charities.

The charitable side goes hand-in-hand with the social. Our fundraisers are social events and we’ve   held curry nights, race nights and golf days to name just a few. This helps build the friendships within the group, but helps widen the network’s reach. All those involved in the charity and its supporters learn about Peers and its members and vice versa. Both parties’ profiles are raised.

Peers puts on a great event, raises money for charity and helps businesses. A win-win-win scenario!

Of course, COVID-19 has played its part in reducing how much we were able to do, but members continued to meet, be it virtually or within the regulations. It is all testament to how becoming a member of Peers gives you a group of peers you want to spend time with.

So, if we’ve convinced you to network, to try Southend Peers and to help raise funds for local charities, why not get in touch?

Become a member today!

In order to allow a competition-free and referral specific environment, each member of Southend Peers represents one industry category at any given time throughout their membership. Our membership represent areas such as financial advice, proofreading, insurance, printing, dog grooming, cleaning and many more.

If you are interested in joining Southend Peers, why not come along and find out more? Please contact us to book in – it's free to visit!