My name is Francesca and I have always been passionate about animal care in particular dogs, this is why I established Pride and Groom. Having had longhaired dogs all my life I understand the importance of having a dog groomer you trust and who understands what each family requires from a dog groom, encompassing both show dogs and pets.

I studied with a member of Groom Team England, and through that study I achieved my City & Guild level three qualification, which not only covers grooming techniques but also health and welfare. I am different from other groomers as I offer an exclusive one on one service with no caging involved. This minimises dog stress and allows them to form a bond with one dog groomer.

Having had experience with dogs with skin sensitivities and allergies, arthritis, diabetes as well as elderly dogs and all the issues involved with that. I am more than happy to accommodate any and all issues your dog may have and ensure their comfort is my top priority. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than sending a happy calm dog home with happy owners.

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