Oracle Publications (UK) Ltd

Oracle is a local A5, monthly, free magazine. Launched in 2005, this award-winning glossy magazine is a successful advertising vehicle for many local businesses, specifically targeting affluent households within the Southend Borough by Oracle’s reliable distributers. Each edition includes unique articles, local issues, council information, competitions and recipes etc.

Oracle – Your all-seeing local magazine!

Due to many clients complaining of high costs to promote their sites online, Southend Oracle online directory was launched in October 2019 and the site’s online presence continues to grow in strength attracting both businesses and residents to become members. Each business member is able to create a unique login, giving them complete control of their online ‘webvert’. The site also offers viewers local news, local events (which can be added/updated by viewers), competitions and much more.

Southend Oracle Directory – Big on local support!

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In order to allow a competition-free and referral specific environment, each member of Southend Peers represents one industry category at any given time throughout their membership. Our membership represent areas such as financial advice, proofreading, insurance, printing, dog grooming, cleaning and many more.

If you are interested in joining Southend Peers, why not come along and find out more? Please contact us to book in – it's free to visit!