On the day

What to expect

Southend Peers meets every Thursday morning at The Arlington Ballroom, Chalkwell, from 6.45am.

Our format is similar to other networking groups you may have visited, but it is important to mention that we have more fun! Each week, members have the opportunity to deliver a 60-second message to the group, followed by a nominated member presenting a 10-minute introduction to themselves and their business.

6.45am – welcome tea, coffee and juice (open networking)
7.00am – breakfast is served
7.30am – 60-second round
8.00am – 10-minute presentation
8.30am – referral round

The Dreaded ‘60-Second Round’

Whether you’ve prepared your speech, or wing it – don’t over think it! 60 seconds can seem an eternity, but you would have been buzzed before you know it. Try to think of a concise message, or specific offer you may be running.

The Even More Dreaded ’10-Minute Presentation’

Depending on when you join, you’ll have listened to a number of other presentations.

Again, 10 minutes can seem a long time – but it’s 10 minutes to tell your potential customers how you arrived at that specific moment in time. Talk about your experience, your family/friends, your working history. Bring props, bring a PowerPoint presentation, sing us a song – make it memorable!

Breakout Groups

Occasionally, we split into smaller breakout groups to discuss business challenges and opportunities, and how they affect our respective businesses. Recent topics have included:

  • If money was no object, name the one investment you would make in your business.
  • If you had the opportunity to invite four people for breakfast, who would it be and why?
  • Share some benefits you have personally experienced through business networking.
  • How has Brexit affected your business?

Building Relationships

It is a well-known fact that ‘people buy from people’. Our group encourages relationships to blossom into successful business.


Get your business known and recognised in the local area (and beyond!).


Our group has grown through the success of its members. Each week we pass £1000s worth of business referrals.

Looking to get involved?

Visitors are welcome

In order to allow a competition-free and referral specific environment, each member of Southend Peers represents one industry category at any given time throughout their membership. Our membership represent areas such as financial advice, proofreading, insurance, printing, dog grooming, cleaning and many more.

If you are interested in joining Southend Peers, why not come along and find out more? Please contact us to book in – it’s free to visit!


What our members say

I have been a member of Southend Peers since its inception in 2008 and it has been a very valuable resource in more ways than one. Apart from the obvious passing of business, it has given me a great support network for advice, knowledge and contacts as well peer-to-peer learning. Also, because of the varied types of businesses and the wide range industries they're in, it has been a good barometer for what is happening locally in business and local economic terms too. Can't recommend it enough.

Damon Langlois, Green Print Solutions

I joined Southend Peers as a new business owner when I first started out. The group has provided me with so much value, from networking opportunities and support, to work and referrals and there's a massive social aspect which I really value. I'd highly recommend Southend Peers to anybody thinking about joining - both new and established business owners.

Dan Bryant, DMB Films

I have been a member of Peers for a few years now and this year I have had the privilege of co- chairing the group. My business has benefited financially from being a member of the group and I have made some good friends in the process. As for the Covid pandemic, I am sure, like me, the other members have appreciated the great support that Peers as a group has given during these difficult times and continues to do so.

Clive Rowe, Oracle

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