Do you have a spare ten minutes?

In our weekly meetings we have the “60 seconds round”, a brief moment to run through our week and what we can offer. To complement this, each member has a 10-minute presentation at least once a year. It’s great for new members to introduce themselves properly, for other members to get to know each others’ backgrounds and what their business can offer.

A recent presentation was by Kristina Stazaker of Out of the Ashes. Out of the Ashes was formed by Kristina to help start-ups, social enterprises and charities with low cost solutions to fundraising, operational issues and marketing.

In terms of work, Kristina personally suffered from the onset of Covid-19 but saw the opportunity to set up as a freelance providing her services to the industries she had worked in. The unprecedented circumstances of 2020/2021 has meant organisations have suffered with massive drops in income but not necessarily the same drop in expenses. Indeed, some organisations have had increased demand for their services as a result of lockdown!


Out of the Ashes is there to assist such organisations to deal with the immediate situation and to plan ahead and adapt as the UK comes out of lockdown. The company’s mantra is “Rethink, Redesign, Rebirth” and this drives Kristina’s approach in getting organisations to rethink how they operate, redesign their processes and be able to start again in the post lockdown world.




Kristina said, “It was a great presenting to Southend Peers and tell them more about the services that Out of the Ashes offers. I presented a PowerPoint showcase and there was time for questions and answers afterwards. Out of the Ashes is there to help small enterprises and charities mostly, especially in their adaptation to a post-Covid world. Thank you Southend Peers for giving me the platform to showcase our services.” Kristina would love to hear from you if think she can help your organisation.

We’ll create more blogs around our members 10-minutes as we progress through the year, so watch this space! The best way, of course, to see a presentation is live, even if virtually. So why not contact us and come along to see for yourself?

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In order to allow a competition-free and referral specific environment, each member of Southend Peers represents one industry category at any given time throughout their membership. Our membership represent areas such as financial advice, proofreading, insurance, printing, dog grooming, cleaning and many more.

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