Southend Peers – 31st August 2017

It was great to see the sun shining again this morning as we made our way to The Arlington Ballroom for Southend Peers – summer isn’t over yet! And yet again, we had a great turnout of members, all ready to enjoy a cooked breakfast and the benefits of another morning of exceptional networking.

Today’s meeting featured a focus on straplines – what’s good about them, who uses them, and how they can work for us. We found a range of members currently use straplines – from witty ones (Green Light’s “You think it, we print it.” and LDN Electrical’s “Wire You Waiting?”) to industry-specific ones (Crown Vocational Training’s “Specialists in Work-Based Learning” and Bryman’s “For all your recruitment needs”) to ones featuring the business name – like Merenda Insurance’s “Don’t meander, go Merenda!”.

In short, we found that good straplines used properly can be a good way to add an extra bit of individuality to our branding, making us more memorable to potential clients. They can also add more information about what we do if it’s not clear from our business names.

10 minutes from Sarah Kelleway, Juniper Copy

Today’s 10 minutes came from Sarah Kelleway of Juniper Copy. Although having recently moved to Suffolk, Sarah has a great number of clients in the Southend area which is why she’s still a member of Peers! She lives with her partner Mike, their cats and chickens, and is undoubtedly still an Essex girl at heart.

Sarah went on to share her 5 Golden Rules of Writing to help members when they come to write any copy for their business. After all, there’s no point investing in a great website or beautifully designed leaflets if the content isn’t done properly, and if you can’t invest in a copywriter to do this for you, you need to think carefully about how to write for yourself.

Her rules included ‘Putting Yourself in the Reader’s Shoes’ (after all, the reader is more important than the writer in all of this!), making sure you include what the reader wants to know, and writing accordingly to how they are reading your content, when they’re reading it, and how much time they have to read it. She also encouraged us to focus on ‘Benefits, Not Features’, as the reader wants to know how they will benefit from your product or service, rather than just what it entails.

She also detailed the importance of spelling and grammar (recommending the use of grammar tools like Grammarly to help us out!), and why we must be careful not to use jargon. Keeping it simple for our readers will definitely have the greatest impact! Finally, she reminded us of the importance of the ‘Call To Action’, making it clear to our readers what we want them to do next – whether that’s calling for more information, going to our websites, or buying our products!

If you could do with some help with your copy, why not give Sarah a shout? She’s always happy to help!


The meeting closed with our usual referrals and testimonials round, and a reminder of our next Later With Peers event on 11th October at The Arlington Ballroom. Tickets are available now for ‘Success-on-Sea: It’s a risky business!’ – so don’t miss out!

And don’t forget you can always meet us beforehand as a guest at one of our breakfast meetings! Why not come along next week at 6:45? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to welcome you.


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