Southend Peers – 29th June 2017

Another month is nearly over, but it’s been another month of successful networking for Southend Peers. Today’s meeting began as usual over fresh coffee and tea at The Arlington Ballroom, before sitting down to our buffet breakfast together. Today’s insightful 60-second round saw some fantastic advice, updates and latest products from our members.

Daniel Rosewell of the DG Group brought an example of one of their latest products – an integral blind built into the glazing of the window (no more cleaning!). We also heard about the importance of vitamin B12 in our diets as we get older, thanks to Gina Blundell from Forever Living. Luke Osborne of EnergyMyWay shared how now’s a great time to get solar panels if you’re thinking about renewable energy for your home or business – not just because of the weather, but because of the great schemes available!

However, the trophy went to Gemma Dark of Webbytech! Judge Peter Mehner was very impressed by her simple yet vital advice to help us all protect ourselves from viruses like the ransomware attack which has hit the headlines this week. It’s amazing what you can learn in 60 seconds from our Peers members!

10 minutes from Vincent McCarthy, Vincent McCarthy Solicitors

We were then treated to an excellent 10 minutes from longstanding member, Vincent McCarthy. Vince specialises in divorce and family law, as well as offering a private client arm in wills, probate and lasting power of attorney – so he’s a helpful man to know in times of need! Vince began with his background prior to practising law. After school, he trained as a

Vince began with his background prior to practising law. After school, he trained as a plumber – a job which took him to some incredible places (including The British Museum and The Tower of London). However, after a spate of travelling with his girlfriend (now wife!), he began to wonder whether the building world was for him any longer. When he was 28, an injury on the squash court finally convinced Vince to explore new fields, and he chose to study law as a mature student at the North East London Polytechnic (now the University of East London).

Despite being mistaken for the man who’d come to fix the drinks machine when he turned up for his interview, Vince made a real success of his degree! His first job came by chance, when he bumped into a man who had his own law practice. Vince embraced his inner Yosser Hughes and chanced his luck with ‘Gizza job’ – and it worked! Vince’s career went from there. After working alongside a few law firms, he ventured out on his own in 2012, creating Vincent McCarthy Solicitors. Vince prides himself on being able to apply common sense to very complex matters, and works hard to take the heat out of difficult situations.

Indeed, as he pointed out, many of his cases do get heated, such as acrimonious divorces or will disputes between siblings. However, Vince is on hand to offer calm, understanding, salient advice 24/7 (yes, unlike many solicitors, he realises legal matters don’t follow the 9-5 rule!).

The reassurance and comfort Vince gives his clients is just one thing that puts him in such high demand. As many members around the table testified, his advice and work is second to none – so if you need legal advice on a family matter, or you need to get your affairs in order to make things easier for your loved ones in the future, why not get in touch with him yourself?

We finished with our usual referrals and testimonials, and a reminder of next week’s Later with Peers event – ‘Success-on- Sea: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success’! Have you booked in yet for this fantastic networking opportunity? Tickets cost just £10, with all profits going to Southend Hospital Charity – our designated charity for the year – and you can get yours here: the-key- to-entrepreneurial- success-tickets- 35397969279

We look forward to seeing you next week, either at 6:45am at The Arlington Ballroom, or 6pm at The Beach Hut – or both!

Written by Peers member Sarah Kelleway of Juniper Copy (

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