Southend Peers – 22nd June 2017

This morning saw us back at The Arlington Ballroom, after last week’s visit to the Southend Business Partnership briefing. As well as a very full table of Southend Peers members, we were also delighted to welcome Yasmin Collard – owner of Penneys Hair Salon – and former Peers member and motivational coach, Baiju Solanki.

Our meeting this morning took a rather different format (but luckily still began with our usual breakfast!). We began with a breakout session, during which Peers members discussed the benefits of social media, and how we as a networking group might use social media even more to reach out to potential clients and members.

The feedback session was very interesting, given the diversity of the responses. Some members don’t use social media at all, some haven’t (but would like to begin), some do (but not enough), and some can’t get enough of it!

A range of platforms were discussed, with Facebook and LinkedIn proving to be the most popular for members who use social media. However, a number of members also use Twitter; Lesley Finch of Bryman Recruitment pointed out that this was particularly effective at getting short, sharp messages out before redirecting readers to where we want them to learn more. Gina Blundell has also started using Instagram to promote her Forever Living products.

It certainly made us think more about how social media could benefit our businesses, and left a number of members thinking more about how they can use it to boost sales and grow connections!

Success-on-Sea: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success – 6th July, 6pm

We were also very excited to hear more about our next Later with Peers event: ‘Success-on-Sea: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success’. This event is shaping up to be a great night out and incredibly useful for attendees. As well as hearing inspiring presentations from Martin Stibbards of S. Stibbards & Sons, and Business Action Coach Lucas Vigilante, you’ll have the chance to network with all members of Southend Peers!

The event will be held on 6th July at The Beach Hut (on the seafront!), and starts at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve visited Peers before or have never visited us in your life! You can also be sure of a warm welcome, a great buffet, and some superb networking.

Tickets cost just £10, with all profits going to Southend Hospital Charity – our designated charity for the year. Why not book yours now?

And if you want to join us next week for our usual breakfast networking at The Arlington Ballroom, get in touch – we’ll be glad to see you there!

Written by Peers member Sarah Kelleway of Juniper Copy (

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