Entrepreneurial Successes and Failures

Any good business man or woman knows that to be successful you have to be prepared to fail. As Richard Branson says: “Every person, and especially every entrepreneur, should embrace failure with open arms. It is only through failure that we learn. Many of the world’s finest minds have learned this the hard way.”

With increased connectivity and the cost effectiveness of setting up on the internet, many more of us are starting to get that entrepreneurial spirit and go out on our own. Manuals and guides explaining how to become your own boss are falling off the internet ebook shelves in their thousands and there is now more advice than ever on how to push out on your own and become a business success.

If you’re a true entrepreneur then you’ll know that sharing all those hints and tips about how you succeeded, particularly amongst your network friends, is a good thing. It might seem counter intuitive to spill the beans on your latest niche marketing ploy but the truth is that showing a little good old fashioned altruism can often lead to some very beneficial side effects – not least the development of trust and the prospect of getting something just as important back in return.

At a networking group like Southend Peers the ethos is about sharing and caring. Yes, business can be competitive but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all help each other too.

What your successes say about running a business

Those hints and tips that hard earned experience has taught you are a valuable commodity and can help other businesses; particularly start-ups make a success of their own venture.

Successful entrepreneurs do more than just make money for themselves. They create jobs and opportunities for others, create new businesses and invest in the economy, and provide valuable revenue that can be used to tackle the issues that make a real difference to people’s lives. Sharing what you know and how you got to be so successful helps everyone move forward collectively and creates a much better world.

Why your failures say more

Our failures often teach us a lot more than our successes. There isn’t a successful entrepreneur out there who hasn’t had to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and start all over again. It’s part and parcel of being the best. Having said that, sharing your failures can help others avoid those pitfalls and give them more chance of success. Experience always counts for a lot and if you can pass it on within your networking group then remarkable things begin to happen.

  • You become a respected member of the group who is willing to share vital experience
  • Your fellow networking colleagues begin to share back and give you the benefit of their experience
  • You create a world where local businesses can succeed and grow.

That’s the reason why many business owners chose to join a local networking group, quite apart from the obvious benefit of developing useful leads. At Southend Peers our members meet weekly to catch up and find out what’s new, creating a thriving community of like-minded people who are committed to helping each other and pushing their business opportunities forward.

If you want to come along to one of our meetings then contact vikki@allthingsscene.co today!

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