About Peers

About Southend Peers – the business networking group in Southend-on-Sea

Want to know more about Southend Peers? How would you like to learn the secrets of others’ success? To share your own knowledge and be responsible for helping others grow? To know there’s a support network to turn to when you need it? To have a sounding board for ideas and to feel you’re surrounded by like-minded, proactive business people who share your positive approach to growing your business?

The first aim of Southend-on-Sea business networking group Southend Peers is to nurture professional relationships. Through our weekly business networking meetings and other business networking events throughout the year, we create opportunities for members to share their business challenges, insights and experiences.

We also introduce established business people to those at the dawn of their journey for valuable entrepreneur mentoring.

Innovative Ways to Build Relationships

Promoting small businesses is our second objective. Whilst we don’t support direct solicitation, we do offer a variety of innovative avenues to get exposure, increase sales and build a strong referral base, all based on developing long lasting relationships.

Interested in joining Southend Peers or coming along to meet us?

Each member of Southend Peers represents one industry category at any given time throughout their membership, to allow a competition-free and referral specific environment. If you are interested in joining Southend Peers, please enquire at vikki@allthingsscene.co for available categories.

Book your visit now! We’d love to welcome you! You can attend our business networking meetings up to three times as a visitor before making a decision about membership.